Metal Detecting, Waymarking, and Photography in Folsom, California
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Folsom Natural

The web nickname for Vince Migliore

This page is designed to explore and explain some of my interests and hobbies.

These include:

  Geocaching:  Geocaching is an outdoor game where you use a hand-held GPS device to locate little containers hidden in parks, bike trails,
and various outdoor locations. The locations are downloaded from the geocaching web page onto your GPS. You then go out to try to find it.
The GPS will get you to within about 8 feet of the actual location, so you have to use some detective work to find the container.
(See my Geocaching account.)
geo long photo

  Metal Detecting: Metal detecting is another outdoor hobby. Here you use a detector to find coins, jewelry, and historic relics. The modern
detector lets you know what's in the ground before you dig it up. This saves a lot of time - - you only dig up the valuable finds.
ph metal det

  Waymarking: Waymarking is photographic game similar to geocaching. Instead of finding a box, you seek out and and photograph a specific
object, such as a statue, a historic marker, or a famous building. This is a fun adventure that meshes nicely with the other hobbies,
especially photography. (See the general Waymarking page.)
waymark pony

  Photography: Everyone loves photography, and this of course compliments my other hobbies nicely. I use a Flickr account to post some
of my favorite photos. All those posted on Flickr are public domain: You can copy and use them. (See my Flickr account.)

Folsom Natural
      Geocaching   Metal Detecting   Waymarking   Photography

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